America’s Greatest Private Clubs

America’s Greatest Private Clubs will be ranked by industry recognized merit standards, including key rating factors, on-site and written evaluations: all void of perceived influences based on individual professional staff or Board achievements.

When a private club meets the 5 Foundations of Excellence, they will be rewarded via inclusion in the America’s Greatest Private Club listing(s) which will be distributed via print, digital and social media. America’s Greatest Private Clubs promises to branch out to the regional and state levels allowing a wide variety of private clubs to achieve a ranking on the AGPC list.

In January 2023, Club Managers Group will name the selection advisors and the established criteria, key rating factors, evaluation process: all void of perceived influences. Focus will be on those clubs who meet the 5 Foundations of Excellence.

5 Foundations of Excellence:

  • Facilities providing a distinguished standard of excellence in décor and maintenance.

  • Leaders recognized with proven stability in delivering unwavering brand promise to their members.

  • Consistent and extraordinary operations service execution.

  • Industry recognition for traditions and innovation in setting club industry trends.

  • Team culture inspired by pride resulting in a driven and relentless pursuit of excellence and success.

Eight Clubs Receive America’s Greatest Private Clubs Awards in Q1 2023

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