Great leaders are remembered by many factors, but one critical contributor is their ability to influence others.

Influence is the key factor to the lasting memories and loyalty of one person’s ability over others in the same or like positions. Whether it’s politicians or successful people we always remember those who influenced our behavior.

Great influencers of our modern time like Dr. Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, Tesla creator Elon Musk or Barack Obama, and even Donald Trump. They possessed a significant ability and sense to influence people’s behavior. Artists can influence people easily due to their passion and talent for artistic style. Athletes as well bring influence from their ability to perform exceptionally better than others in the same field. I.e., Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan as examples.

People can debate what makes someone influential by either their personality or skill or both but overall, the underlying secret sauce is their connectivity to win over people’s acceptance.

So how can you and your team learn the secret sauce? In a work environment, most of the great influential people in our life leave us with lasting memories and impressions.

How do you recruit and orient your talent? How are you influencing new talent to connect and commit to the vision and brand? Bringing together a cross-section of your staff and conversing on ways that will distinguish your brand is a start. Engaging your team to solve the puzzle of recruiting talent is important. What is your culture at work? Does it align with your personal life? They must be the same to work.

Ritz Carlton uses the practice of selection versus simply hiring individuals. This is a process that took extra time in vetting the right individuals who were worthy to become a part of the organization. The Ritz Carlton seeks individuals who are the right fit for the culture of the organization and brand.

Have you outlined your business purpose? Employees need to understand and commit to the purpose.

When you begin to incorporate these philosophies into practice then you begin to influence behavior.

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